“Wow is all I can say. That introduction hits the mark and immediately draws me into the song. The singer comes in at just the
right time as the blues pattern becomes even more prominent. As the song progressed, the horns and piano and guitar keeps
building to just the right tempo and flavor. I am a big fan of this song and can listen to it over and over.”

“I would to hear more from this a nice 50s, 60s, type era song, i like it i always had, the guitar, the piano, the trumpet and the
drums all went together. The key could of been a little better tho, The chores is catchy too, you did good, the quality of the
sound to was good i heard mostly every instrument. The solo was off Q just a little for the guitar the trumpet was on key.
Nice song you should keep this style of music, we need more of it.”

“Loved the instrumentation. Blues and rock and roll mixed with the singer's strong vocals--it all worked! Lyrics were fun to
follow. You could tell from the singer's energy that he was having fun with this song. The horn was awesome. Some great
talent went into this. Reminded me of a live band playing on Beale Street or Bourbon down in New Orleans--it doesn't get
any better than that. I would listen to this again. I think it would make a good addition to a true blues lover's collection.”

“Hmmmmm. The harmony is very enticing considering the instruments used to put up this wonderful music. The rhythm is
addictive although the melody is really a bit typical and somewhat like an elvis presley rendition overpowered by carlos
santana. This is music is really nice and is soon to be a hit!”

“I really like the blues guitar and the organ. The horns shape the song into something from the "Blues Brothers" era. Good
tempo and musical pacing throughout. I don't care for the vocalist 's voice. The voice just doesn't seem to be as soulful or as
powerful as the music that is supporting it. I would say either have the vocalist increase his energy and really savor the lyrics
or choose another vocalist.”

“This has an old school feel to it. Reminds me of something not quite from this era but in a good way. I really enjoy the beat
and horns that accompany this song. This song is something I could really jam to the sax is amazing. I could totally drink a
beer and jam.”

“This songs starts out up beat and fun which is a plus. But, it is too old for this generation of music. It sounds as if it was
pulled straight from the 50s which isn't good, people want new hip fresh etc.”

“Another alright middle American bar or hanging out at a barbeque anywhere type song here. This artist is reminiscent of
Stevie Ray Vaughn or other Texas style Blues and Blues/rock and roll. The medley of keyboard, which is simple and rhythmic
with horn leads, along with drums, bass guitar, and guitar gives piece a nice jazzy feeling for a more blues rock style of a

“With this song I love the feeling in the background. with the guitar and the trumpet was a little off. I like the vocals part very
bluesh, the lyrics sound like he was putting to many situations in one song.”

“Love this! This is the kind of music older people want to listen to when they go out to a bar at night with friends. It 's upbeat,
fun, and lively. Excellent rhythm and the singer reminds me of the old school blues and rhythm singers. Very worthy of radio.”

“Nice clear production! Vocals work well with the accompanying music. The musical interlude may be a little long, but shows
the talents of the musicians! I could definitely shake my booty too it at a club!”

“The groove is really smooth and keeps me steppin'. The vocals seem kind of dry and low though would recommend reprocessing.
Lyrics are really repeated as well. Broadening the lyric vocabulary would make this a 10 for me. Overall a very
soothing song to listen to, especially in a relaxing setting!”

“Immediately when the song started I got a smile on my face. It takes me back to a time when things were so much simpler.
The man's voice is ruff and colorful. The full band sound is very full and fun.”

“i like the soulful, jazz theme for the opening. The instrumental effects make for a great background for this tune. The singer
has a great voice that brings character to the song. The guitar solo starting at 1:50 was a nice touch. The saxophone solo
after the guitar solo was a nice combination.”

“This record is undeniable Blues with a hint of that classic old-time swing. Has a great positive vibe but simultaneously telling
a story so real and deeply felt to anyone that is going through a similar relationship issue. Everything in the mix, guitars, bass,
horns, drums, all keep you steady grooving along the ride. The singer is extremely confident and pokes fun of the serious
situation that he is going through. The melodies are very accurate with the backing track and emotion of the music. The lyrics
flow greatly with the story to keep you interested from beginning to end. An awesome piece of blues music.”

“Anyone with a broken heart or shady past love can relate to this one. Immediately I was drawn in by the lyrical content and
story well delivered and simply arranged. Amazing instrument solo afterwards, the sound is groovy, smooth, and electric. I
love how natural the sounds are almost that of a live performance, I would certainly enjoy a front row seat and a beer in my
right hand wouldn't be too bad either.”

“Easy listening/folk rock sound. Would be ok as background music while focusing on something else but definitely won't be
your new favorite song. Reminds me of something you'd hear a local band playing at a street fair.”

“super funky and lively, his song has that chuch melody that just makes one feel good. the singer is quite talented and knows
very well how to hit each note that goes awsome with the song. the lyrics are very lively aswell and the artist makes them
sound even better with hiss awsome raspy song.”

“The arrangement reminds me of a car commercial that they play on TV locally. The lyrics were good and complemented the
instrumentals well. The guy doing the vocals reminds me a little of Ray Charles.”

“This song has a blues intro that feels old fashioned. The singer has a gritty, authentic sounding voice. The lyrics are simple
and talk about keeping a relationship hot, even when you grow old together. The guitar solo is respectable. The musical
accompaniment is solid and the band sounds like veterans that have been playing together for ages. This song doesn't sound
current or relevant but it 's a good blues song. This band probably sounds amazing live but this song isn't universal enough to
be a hit. The fan base for old school blues is very narrow.”

“Good classy jazz beat sounds a bit funky. The artist has a great voice and I like how when he sings the background singer
sing as well, goes in great with this song. Good job by the artist this song keeps me in a happy mood.”

“I like how this started of with a BB King feel. I liked how this song included jazz and blues with a modern feel. This song I can
really appreciate. I caught by myself jamming to this song. The beat was amazing, sound amazing, lyrics amazing, voice

“Upbeat blues sound. Really enjoyed the music itself but didn't really care too much for the singing in the song. A little too
repetitive for me. The bridge instrumental is great. If I could listen to this without the lyrics I'd be happier with it. Not
terrible but not great overall.”

“Good sound. Sounds like a real good band. The song itself could have a little more to it. Too repetitive. Guitar is played very
well. Vocals are good. Lyrics and riff could be changed up a little bit here and there, to make it a little more interesting.”

“The instrumentals really creates an "old-timey," played from the jukebox feeling. Some powerful vocals would really help this
song. The instrumental basics creating a great rhythm is already constructed beautifully; lyrics can only help the song.”

“The intro is nice. The synthesizer in the backgrounds compliments the guitar great. The lyrics in the beginning feel off slightly
repetitive. The added second sounds awkward. The beat of the song is good but the simple lyrics makes it sound childish.
The slowness of each phrase between the next creates a gap that is unappealing. Maybe if the tempo of the song were
faster. This instruments were all great but its just the vocals that need some working on. At this moment it does not have the
potential to go on air but if the singers were to go back and redo it, maybe speed it up a bit, than it might be good.”

“This song reminds me of hanging out in a bar some place in the middle states of America. The guitar work is good,
particularly toward the middle of the song and the vocalists' singing together is effective. The sax or horn lead also gives the
song a fuller feel. The words "Don't let our love grow cold.." are original and well emphasized.”

“Kind of music I would not usually listen to. Catchy, up-beat song. However, I personally don't find it interesting. Nice guitar
interlude, but the vocals are somewhat annoying. I think they should have used some more lyrics to provide more meaning
behind their message. "Don't let our love grow cold" could have had more lyrical strength to show how much the writer didn't
want their love to ever grow cold. I found this song very boring, personally.”

“the rhodes keyboard sounds really good. the guitar is really good at accomplishing the blues feel in the song. the way that
the females vocals echo and follow the mans vocals add a lot to the song. the trumpets/trombones backing up the blank
spots of the song sound exceptional. sounds like stevie ray vaughn! the lyrics are fun. the solo after the second verse was
well played and impressed me! the kick drum and snare are pplayed pretty well. the mans voice in the song has a great tone
to it. deep and kind of raspy which is a popular sound these days!”

“I love the intro to this song. As the lyrics began I found myself grooving and thoroughly enjoying it. The lyrics are not
especially profound but the music more than makes up for it. It makes me sit back and feel as if I am sitting in a night club
enjoying myself.”

“Straight-ahead blues with an easy, ambling flow and punctuated by tight horns. The lead guitar has the casual virtuosity one
looks for in 12-bar blues, and the sax solo reminds us of how much better music was when such things were commonplace.
Don't look to this track to be amazed, but for casual listening you won't be disappointed.”

“This song is kind of cliche and it bothers me. The guitars are the same I have heard a lot before! The drums are slow and
plain. The vocals are deep and rough, which I do not like at all either. The whole song does not appeal to me in any way and I
didn't find any element slightly exciting.”

“Good blues record that kind of puts me in the mood of Ray Charles or B.B. King! I really love the arrangement of this track
as it is well put together! I love the drums, the horns, that scorching hot solo guitar and the organ."

“When the music started out I felt the need to dance. I dislike the back up singer it just makes the song sound like it has an
echo. This sounds more like a jazz song but the lyrics doesnt.”

“Definitely a hot number for the House of Blues playlist on an exciting Saturday night. I'm drawn in from the start by the
classic blues arrangement and groove. I love the vocals performance followed by an incredible instrumental solo. Guitars and
saxophone sound warm and blend well in the mix. My only addition would be more passion in the vocals around the ending.”

“as soon as the song began i was transported to an old school jazz/blues joint with sexy women and debonair gentlemen. the
beat to this song is hot, makes you want to get on the dance floor with a partner and get down! the artist has a smooth rich
voice that fits the genre perfectly. the music and vocals along with the lyrics compliment eachother. this song would be great
for the radio. it is soulful and from the heart. the performance is very impressive.”

“I do like the drum bass drums, trumpets sound and the piano. Lovely old school song. I think the instrumental rhymes with
the artist voice. The artist got a very good deep bass voice and I must say this song got a lovely chorus.”

“He said "You take care of me and I take care of you." It seems like he into this song and I like how the woman song the
chorus with him(Don't let our love grow cold)! I enjoyed this song.”

“very mellow, but something one could dance to with their partner, the chords are on track, the womans voice (2nd person
singing) could be better a bit louder and more in tune with the main singer, it wouldn't do great in selling from my opinion,
yet it was a decent peace that you could relax to when you have nothing else to do.”

“This was a very fun, jazz inspired song that combined elements of classic rock, jazz, and a bit of rhythm from RNB. It
reminded me a lot of Elvis! It can bring me back (in my imagination) to the nineteen fifties, where 15 cent root beers and
burgers were served by young girls on skates. I felt a different range of emotions coming from both me and the artists - love,
heartbreak, thrill. Very nice guitar and keyboard usage!”